Presented on August 15, 2018

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Vision

  • To be the leader in nursing and dental hygiene education and research in Hawaii with outreach to Asia and the Pacific Basin

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Mission

  • Provide an innovative, caring and multicultural environment in which faculty, students and staff work together to generate and transmit knowledge, wisdom and values to promote quality of life and health for present and future generations. To better reflect Hawaii’s unique cultural diversity and heritage, NAWSON is committed to increasing the representation of Native Hawaiian and other underserved people in all nursing and dental hygiene programs.

Fall 2018* Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Student Enrollment

Level & Field of Study Degree Pathway Incoming Continuing Total Enrollment
Dental Hygiene Undergraduate High School Direct (Pre-Yr) 2 1 3
BS 19 37 56
DH BS Total 21 38 59
Prof Adv Cert 3 0 3
Dental Hygiene Total 24 38 62
Nursing Undergraduate High School Direct (Pre-Yr) 39 included below 39
BS (Manoa) 18 117 135
Progressing AD Graduates 43 2 45
RN to BS 5 0 5
Exec RN to BS 0 0 0
Nursing BS Total 105 119 224
Undergraduate Total 129 157 286
Nursing Graduate GEPN (Pre-license) 41 included below 41
Master’s 7 59 66
DNP (Specialty) 6 67 73
DNP (Post-Master’s & MBA) 8 3 11
PhD 4 16 20
Graduate Total 66 145 211
Total Enrollment All Programs 195 302 497

*Projected as of 8/6/18, NAWSON Office of Student Services

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Degrees Awarded: 2017–2018

Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018

  • 19 BS -Dental Hygiene
  • 102 BS –Nursing
  • 35 MS Nursing
  • 17 DNP
  • 10 PhD Degrees
  • 43 GEPN Pre-license Certificates

Note: includes anticipated August 2018 graduates

Campus Performance Measures

FY 18 Undergraduate Time-to-Degree (Fall 2017)

  • DH: 5.66
  • NURS: 4.66

FY 18 Retention – Degree Seeking (Fall 2016)

  • DH BS: 97.5% 1 year retention 100% Next sem retention
  • NURS BS: 95.9% 1 year retention 98.6% Next sem retention
  • NURS MS: 65.1% 1 year retention 88.6% Next sem retention
  • NURS DNP: 94.8% 1 year retention 98.4% Next sem retention
  • NURS PhD: 96.0% 1 year retention 100% Next sem retention

Licensure & Certification Rates

Entry to Practice Pass Rates: 1st Time Test Takers

  • 2017 Dental Hygiene
    • 100% NBDHE
    • 89% Central Regional Dental Testing Service
  • 2017 Nursing
    • 97% NCLEX-RN (BS)
    • 88% NCLEX-RN (GEPN)

Advanced Practice Nursing Certification Rates: Overall

  • 2017 AANPCP Exam
    • 86% FNP
    • 83% AGNP

Data reported for the noted calendar year

National Rankings: U.S. News & World Report

  • Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs
    • #35 out of 154 ranked schools; top 23%
  • Best Master’s Nursing Schools
    • #87 out of 296 –29%
  • Best DNP Nursing School
    • #88 out of 203 – 42%

Highlights: Nursing Program

  • Increased Nursing High School Direct Entry to 81% of Class
  • Ongoing academic progression for AD RN to BS enrollment from Kapiolani CC, Kauai CC, & Maui College
  • Veterans to BS Nursing Program continues support for student recruitment and progression
  • Modified programs to meet student and community needs
  • Completed transition of nurse practitioner program to DNP graduating final class of Master’s NP
  • Implemented innovative strategies to enhance APHN education and practice supported by HRSA
  • Developed and piloting an APRN preceptor training module with DLIR funding

Highlights: Dental Hygiene Program

  • Maintaining BS DH enrollment with High School Direct Entry comprising 10% of Class
  • DHHS HRSA Training Grant Funding for Dental Hygiene Program (PIs: D. Mattheus, M. Shannon & K. Osada)
  • Developed and received campus approval for the advanced professional certificate in dental hygiene pediatrics (post-BS)
  • Modified BS curriculum

Highlights: IKE AO PONO

  • 409 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NH/PI) nurses have graduated since 2003
  • Increase from 3% to 18% in the number of NH/PI nurses enrolling and graduating from UHM Nursing
  • Celebrated IAP graduate, Gloria Fernandez, into 2018 Alumni Hall of Fame and recognized IAP Program
  • Continued support from The Queen’s Medical Center for Native Hawaiian scholarships and program support

Highlights: Extramural Funding

  • $2,173,497 Extramural Funding in 2017
    • $519,204 research
    • $1,654,293 non-research
  • 30 extramural funded projects in 2016 and 2017
    • 14 funded research projects
      • 12 PIs and 2 Co-Is
    • 16 training grants/contracts
      • 10 PIs and 6 Co-Is
  • $2.8 million from DOE for Hawaii Keiki in 2017-18

Highlights: Extramural Funding – Training/Contracts

FY 18 Funded Projects:

  • Faculty Services Agreement with Kapiolani Medical Specialists
    PI: Randy Wada, KMS, $179,425
  • Innovative Strategies to Enhance APHN Education & Practice
    PI: Kristine Qureshi, HRSA, $618,054
  • Preceptor Training Program for APRN Students
    PI: Lorrie Wong, DLIR, $20,000
  • Utilization of the Expanded Function Dental Hygienist to Improve Oral Health Outcomes for Children 0-5 years of age in Hawaii
    PI: Deb Mattheus; Co-PI/Sr Mentor: Maureen Shannon; Co-PI: Kristine Osada,
    HRSA, $370,185
  • Veterans Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
    PI: Kristine Qureshi, HRSA, $349,472

Highlights: Extramural Funding – Foundations

FY 18 Funded Projects:

  • CVS UH Mānoa DNP Student Scholarship
    PI: Maureen Shannon, CVS Foundation, $5,000
  • Hawaii Interprofessional Education and Collaborative (HIPEC) Alliance
    PI: Maureen Shannon, National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The John A. Hartford Foundation, the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, the Gordon and Betty
    Moore Foundation and the Hawaii Action Coalition, $100,000
  • Future Nursing Scholars Program
    PI: Maureen Shannon, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $150,000
  • IKE AO PONO Support Fund
    PI: Nalani Minton/Mary Boland, The Queen’s Health System, $140,000
  • Veterans Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program
    PI: Kristine Qureshi, Mary & Stanley Smith Foundation, $55,000

Highlights: Extramural Funding – Research

FY 18 Funded Projects:

  • Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Program
    PI: Merle Kataoka-Yahiro
    Research, UNLV, $19,338
  • Increasing Physical Activity in Filipino Lay Leaders
    PIs: Clementina Ceria-Ulep and Cheryl Albright
    Research, NIH, $424,462
  • UHM NAWSON & The QMC Research Partnership
    PI: Katherine Finn Davis, Research, QMC, $37,702

Highlights: Research

  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing recognized the school and the Queen’s Medical Center research partnership with the 2017 Exemplary Academic-Practice Partnership Award
  • Research Hui leadership and collaboration
    • Big Data Sets Hui: Led by Merle Kataoka-Yahiro
    • Disaster Nursing Hui: Led by Kris Qureshi
    • Maternal Child Health Nui: Led by Maureen Shannon
  • Expanding activities and support for honors programs
  • Continued partnership with JABSOM Grants Development Office and Biostatistics Core
  • Dedicated support for PhD students/Graduate Assistantships
  • Expanding partnership with Cancer Center for collaborative research
  • Many faculty and students presented at professional conferences

Highlights: Faculty Scholarship
(Tenured & Tenure Track Faculty)

  • Capacity for team science has been strengthened
  • Continuing to expand research and scholarship contributions
  • Scholarly productivity*:
    • 93% engaged in peer reviewed scholarship
    • 80% engaged in funded research as a PI or Co-I
    • Peer reviewed journal publications: 50
    • Published abstracts: 15
    • Scholarly presentations: 46

*Data reported for 2016-17; 2017-18 data pending review

Highlights: Global Health Nursing

  • Continued study abroad for undergraduate students; expanding for graduate students
  • Initiated research in the international setting
  • Faculty serving in leadership roles in international nursing organizations: APNLC, APINA, WHO APEDNN, ICN
  • ICN contracts for Leadership for Change Program in Asia, Europe, Middle East
  • Hosted 3 groups from Japan for simulation and global health
  • Global health contracts
  • Continue to do “Global Connect” with Asia

Highlights: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

  • Hawaii Interprofessional Education and Collaborative (HIPEC) Alliance (M. Shannon, PI) in partnership with JABSOM, Pharmacy, DOE/Hawaii Keiki, HSCN at Dole Middle School
  • UH Council of Health Sciences expanded to include UH Cancer Center & DKI College of Pharmacy
  • Continued collaboration of the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Workgroup
  • Launched a partnership with Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience
  • Exploring a partnership with QMC Cardiology Program

Highlights: UH THSSC

  • Led and hosted the 2017 & 2018 Hawaii Regional Simulation User Network with the Hawaii Simulation Collaborative
  • Facilitated interprofessional education
  • Continued use by community and global partners
  • Expanded efforts to support student recruitment
  • Increasing activities in graduate education, including the NP specialties

Highlights: Engaged University

  • Hawaii Keiki partnership between UH Manoa Nursing & DOE with UCERA/UHP
    • Expanded to 15 complex areas statewide in DOE schools
    • Nurse led clinics and school health nursing services in DOE schools in underserved communities
    • APRNs and RNs
    • Provide BS, APHN MS, and DNP nursing student clinical/fieldwork experiences
    • Created a NAWSON faculty liaison position to embed student experiences in the project
  • Alumni Association providing scholarship support, mentoring and networking for students
  • Launched redesigned web site and increased marketing activity
  • Increased recruitment activities for high school students to BS and international students for MS and doctoral programs

Highlights: Hawaii State Center for Nursing

  • Facilitated and advocated for the successful passage of the Preceptor Tax Credit Bill in the 2018 Legislative Session
  • Supporting BON to implement Continuing Competency initiative
  • Completed and disseminated 2017 Workforce Supply Survey to provide data for policy makers
  • Continues to lead the state Action Coalition
  • Strong relationships with employers and nurses
    • Funding for Statewide RN Residency Program, CCPS expansion, and sustaining academic progression effort
  • Held EBP Workshops for 19 Clinicians and 14 Nursing Leaders and Writing Workshops for 5 teams
  • Presented Center work locally and nationally
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