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John Casken, PhD, MPH, RN

Associate Specialist

School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
University of Hawaii at Manoa
2528 McCarthy Mall, Webster Hall 442
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: 808-956-5750
Fax: 808-956-3257

Larger photo of John Casken, PhD, MPH, RN


Prior to serving in the School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, Dr. Casken served in the former School of Public Health at the University of Hawaii where, in addition to a regular instructional program, he also ran a very successful program for the recruitment of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the School’s MPH Program. Dr. Casken’s involvement in the health issues of American Indians was developed during the five years he spent on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota after earning his MPH.

At the School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene Dr. Casken concentrates on rural /community health and the health issues of Native Hawaiians. He is especially interested in how these seemingly innocuous issues become so politicized. He is very active in the Advanced Public Health Nursing specialization. Nationally, Dr. Casken serves on the Board of ETR Associates, on the Board of the Center for American Indian and Indigenous Research and Education and also on the Board of the American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus of the American Public Health Association. In 2000, Dr. Casken was awarded the UH Board of Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching.


PhD, University of Hawaii at Manoa
MPH, University of Hawaii at Manoa
AS, Santa Barbara City College
MA, University of California Santa Barbara
Certificate in Teaching, University of Wales-Swansea
BS, University of Wales-Swansea

Clinical Practice

Community Health, Public Health, Disaster Preparedness, Health Management, and Rural Health.

Teaching Focus

Advanced Practice Community Public Health Nursing, Health Policy and Politics, Disaster Management, Rural Health Practice.

Research Focus

Health problems of the indigenous peoples of the United States.

Recent Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Ferguson, S. L., Al Rifai, Fatima, Maay’a, M., Luu Bich Nguyen, Qureshi, K., Tse, A., Casken, J., Parsons, T., Shannon, M. T., Napa, M. D., Samson-Langidrik, M., Jeadrik, G. (2016). The ICN Leadership For Change Programme-20 years of growing influence. International Nursing Review, 63(1), 15-25.

Eissler, L., Casken, J. (2013). Seeking Healthcare through International Medical Tourism. Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

Cohen, D., Casken, J. (2012). Why are healthcare workers so resistant to the acceptance of the influenza vaccine?  A review of the literature to examine factors that influence vaccine acceptance. International Journal of the Caring Sciences, 26-35.

Cohen, D., Casken, J. (2011). Protecting healthcare workers in an acute care environment during epidemics: lessons learned from the SARS outbreak. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 03-10.

Geishirt-Cantrell, B., Hodge, F., Struthers, R., Casken, J. (2004). American Indian Internet Tobacco Sales: Another Avenue for Selling Tobacco Products. American Journal of Public Health, 260-261.

Struthers, R., Hodge, F., Geishirt-Cantrell, B., Casken, J. (2003). Community Mapping: A Tool in the Fight against Cigarette Smoking. Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice, 295-302.

Struthers, R., Geishirt-Cantrell, B., Hodge, F., Casken, J. (2003). Starting and quitting: American Indians talk about smoking cigarettes. Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved.

Harrigan, R., Gollin, L., Casken, J. (2003). Barriers to Increasing Native Hawaiian, Samoan, and Filipino Nursing Students: Perceptions of Students and Their Families. Nursing Outlook, 25-30.

Casken, J. (2001). health status for native Hawaiians: not just what the doctor ordered. Wicazo Sa Review, 16(1), 75-89.

Hodge, F., Casken, J. (1999). American Indian Breast Cancer Project:  Educational Development and Implementation. American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 23(3), 1-11.

Casken, J., Hodge, F. (1999). Characteristics of American Indian Women’s Cigarette Smokers, Prevalence and Cessation Status. Women Health Care International Journal, 20, 455-469.

Non-Refereed Journal Articles

Hodge, F., Casken, J. (2001). An American Indian breast cancer project, Medicine Ways: disease, health and survival among Native Americans. AltaMira Press. A division of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc..

Casken, J. (1994). Bringing culture into health?  The Native Hawaiian Health Care Act of 1988. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Hawaii.

Hilgers, T., Wunsch, M., Chattergy, V., Casken, J., Mullavey-O’Byrne, C. (1992). Interdisciplinary Team Teaching in a Culturally Diverse Educational Context. Academic Literacies in Multicultural Higher Education Selected Essays, 87-92.

Book Chapters

Huff, R. M., Kline, M. V., Casken, J. (2009). Pacific Islander health and disease: an overview of the issues. Promoting health in multicultural populations:  A handbook for practitioners (2nd ed.). Sage Publications.

Huff, R. M., Kline, M. V., Casken, J. (1998). Pacific Islander health and disease: an overview of the issues. Promoting health in multicultural populations:  A handbook for practitioners. Sage Publications.

Technical Reports

Casken, J. (1999). Encouraging faculty involvement in public health practice approaches.

Casken, J. (1997). An Assessment of Health Insurance in Hawaii.

Casken, J. (1997). Linking Academia and the Practice Community: Using a Managed Care Conference as a Case Study.

Wood, D. W., Casken, J. (1998). Illicit Drug Use in Honolulu and the State of Hawaii.

Funded Grants

Pacific Public Health Training Center Grant
Funded for August 2005 to August 2010 for $215,500
Co-Principal Investigator

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