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Rhea Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo, EdD, RN

Associate Professor

School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
University of Hawaii at Manoa
2528 McCarthy Mall, Webster Hall 218
Honolulu, HI 96822
Ph: 808-956-8349
Fax: 808-956-3257

Larger photo of Rhea Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo, EdD, RN


Dr. Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo’s passion is in nursing education. During the past 12 years of her nursing career, most were spent as a nursing review specialist, clinical educator, and nursing educator in schools/colleges of nursing. Prior to transitioning to nursing education, her clinical practice was focused in perioperative nursing and medical surgical-nursing. She has taught nursing review classes for the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam, CGFNS certification exam, and NCLEX-RN/PN exams. She also serves a volunteer faith community nurse at her church. Her content expertise is in nursing pharmacology, nursing research, and evidence-based practice. Her research focus is in pharmacology and complementary and alternative therapy use safety among minority populations.


EdD, Southwestern University
MSEd, Missouri State University
MAN, Southwestern University
BSN, Southwestern University

Clinical Practice

Perioperative Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Faith Community Nursing

Research Focus

Issues in Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education
Safety in Pharmacology & Complementary and Alternative Therapy Use of Minority Populations
Medical Pluralism among the Filipino-American Population

Recent Publications

Branstetter-Hall, J.E., & Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D. (2017.). Antiviral medications, part
3: Evidence-based treatment of hepatitis B. MEDSURG Nursing, 26(6), 393-398.

Penkalski, M., Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D., & Patterson, K. (2017.). Antiviral
medications, Part 2: HIV antiretroviral therapy. MEDSURG Nursing, 26(5), 327-331.

Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D., Cruz, J.P., Alshammari, F., Obaid, K.B., El Aziz Rady, H.E.A.,
Qtait, M., Alquwez, N., & Colet, P.C. (2017.). Knowledge and attitudes toward
climate and its effects on health among nursing students: A multi-Arab country study.
Nursing Forum, in press.

Cruz, J.P., Alquwez, N., Cruz, C.P., Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D., Vitorino, L.M., Islam, S.M.S.
(2017). Cultural competence among nursing students in Saudi Arabia: A cross-
sectional study. International Nursing Review, 64(2), 215-223.

Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D., Cruz, J.P., Bigley, L., & Adams, K. (2017.). Baccalaureate
student nurses’ study habits prior to admission to nursing program: A descriptive
qualitative study. Nurse Education Today, 53, 61-66.

Cruz, E.V., Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D., & Mazzotta, C.P. (2017). Return to nursing: A meta-
synthesis of academic bridging programs’ effects on internationally educated nurses. The
Qualitative Report, 22(4), 1092-1111. Retrieved from

Felicilda-Reynaldo, R.F.D., Patterson, K., & Gloe, D. (2017.). Antiviral medications, part 1:
Treating herpes and influenza viruses. MEDSURG Nursing, 26(1), 47-52.

Funded Grants

Practices, Clinical Behaviors, Clinical Decision-Making Processes, and Aspirations in Practice: A Nationwide Qualitative Study.
Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses
January-December 2013
Primary Investigator

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