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Hawaii Keiki: Health and Ready to Learn is a partnership between UH Manoa Nursing and the Hawaii Department of Education and sits at the intersection of education and health to support the DOE to achieve student, school, and system success.

The program is enhancing and building school based health services that screen for treatable health conditions; provide referral to primary health care and patient centered medical home services; prevent and control communicable disease and other health problems; and provide emergency care for illness or injury.

Students succeed academically when they come to school ready to learn. The evidence is clear that:

  • Hunger, chronic illness, or physical and emotional abuse, can lead to poor school performance.
  • Health-risk behaviors such as substance use, violence, and physical inactivity are consistently linked to academic failure and often affect students’ school attendance, grades, test scores, and ability to pay attention in class.
  • School based health programs decrease dismissal from school and are associated with better attendance.


The program goal is to keep our keiki healthy and ready to learn by providing access to school nursing services in Hawaii’s public schools. The program is designed to improve access and quality of health services in the school by coordinating and expanding existing efforts of the partners and community resources.

A goal of Hawaii’s public schools is to provide the best learning experience possible to prepare students for higher education. A goal of UH Manoa Nursing is to improve the health of Hawaii through education of nurses and service to the people of the state. Together, we are improving health of our keiki and building student, school and system success to create a bright future for the state.

Timeline 2014 to 2019

Phase 1


  • Lay foundation to build school based health services via UH Manoa Nursing & DOE partnership  – met
  • Pilot MS RNs in 5 participating complex areas – met
  • Collect baseline data, school health profiles, integrate school health planning, and work toward coordinating vision/hearing screening efforts – met
  • Secure funding and support for phase 2 – met

Phase 2


  • Continue pilot of MS RNs to designated complex areas with greatest need and partnership support potential – met
  • Develop the model framework for a statewide school health nursing program – met
  • Develop a business plan for sustainability and scalability – met
  • Support expansion of the State Medicaid Plan to maximize federal resources for cost recovery – not met
  • Pilot Medicaid billing in Complex Areas  with an APRN – met
  • Revise the SHA and First Aid Manuals – met

Phase 3


  • Implement the program in the 15 Complex Areas statewide using APRNs , RNs, and SHAs with web based health room management software linked to Infinite Campus
  • Collaborate with School Health Section/OCISS for orientation of SHAs to new Manuals
  • Conduct assessment of phases 1 and 2 to inform developing the comprehensive 5-year program evaluation plan
  • Provide support to the DOE School Health Section – OCISS and collocate program staff

Overall Outcome



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