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Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework to create an individualized progression plan for program completion including general education requirements.

General Education Core and Graduation Requirements
31 credits
Diversification Core
19 credits
Natural Science (7)
Arts/Humanities/Literatures (6)
Social Science (6)
Foundation Core
12 credits
Written Communication (3)
Symbolic/Quantitative Reasoning (3)
Global/Multicultural Perspectives (6)
Nursing Prerequisite Courses
6 credits
6 credits Statistics (3)
Pharmacology (3)
Associate Degree Nursing Coursework & General Electives
Approximately 49 credits
Approximately 49 credits Upon admission, each student will receive a personalized review of completed coursework.
Upper Division Nursing Coursework
34 credits
Summer or 
Prior Semester
9 credits
NURS 301 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice and Health Promotion (W) (3) *
NURS 363 Introduction to Nursing Research (E) (3)
NURS 452 Cultural Aspects of Health Management in Populations Indigenous to Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia (H) (3)
* NURS 301: Cannot be taken prior to graduating from a diploma or associate degree program in nursing
12 credits
N450 Community, Public and Global Health (2)
N450L Community, Public and Global Health Lab (O, W) (3)
NURS 453 Introduction to Genetics in Nursing Practice (3)
Nursing Elective (4)
13 credits
NURS 460 Complex Nursing and Leadership (4)
NURS 460L Complex Nursing and Leadership Lab (W) (6)
NURS 461 Advanced Pathophysiology and Neurobiology (3)

Total # of credits: 120

Effective Fall 2018

Updated: January 27, 2019

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