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The required foundational coursework for the PhD degree includes content and credits in the following areas.

  • Philosophy (3 credits)
  • Nursing disciplinary knowledge (3 credits)
  • Research methods (19 credits)
    • Coursework in: quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods, big data analysis, community based participatory research, and a research practicum
  • Statistics (12 credits)
    • Coursework in: measurement, applied regression, multi variate analysis, and other statistical specialties applicable for the students scholarly inquiry
  • Scholarship (9 credits)
    • Coursework in: grant writing, dissemination and a dissertation proposal seminar
  • Cognate (3 credits)
  • Guided research practicum (8 credits)
  • Dissertation (NURS 800) (1 credit minimum)

Each semester the student selects classes that fulfill the coursework requirements for the PhD program outlined above.

Sample – Class of 2021 PhD Program Pathway*

Year 1
28 Credits
9 credits
NURS 692 Introduction to Research Methods (3)
NURS 702 Philosophical Thought (3)
EDEP 601 Quantitative Research (3)
10 credits
EDEP 613 Qualitative Research (3)
EDEP 604 Applied Regression (3)
QHS 650 Big Data (2)
QHS 651 Big Data Lab (2)
9 credits
NURS 639 Disciplinary Knowledge (3)
NURS 796 Grant Writing and Grant Management (3)
NURS 699 Knowledge Dissemination (3)
Year 2
30 Credits
12 credits
EDEP 616 Measurement in Education (3)
EDEP 606  Multivariate analysis (3)
Cognate Elective (3)
NURS 777 Guided Research Practicum (3)
11 credits
EDEP 612  Multilevel modeling (3)
NURS 668 Community-Based Participatory Research  (3)
EDCS 780 Mixed Methods Research Design (3)
NURS 777 Guided Research Practicum (2)
6 credits
NURS 769 Dissertation Proposal Writing Seminar (3)
NURS 777 Research Practicum (3)
Comprehensive Examination by July 15
Proposal Defense by August 15
Year 3
3 Credits
1 credit
NURS 800 Dissertation (1)
1 credit
NURS 800 Dissertation (1)
1 credit
NURS 800 Dissertation (1)
Defend Dissertation by August 15

* Comparable courses may be taken to fulfill specific course pathway requirements.

NOTE: NURS 800 credits are not included in total credits.

Total # of Credits: 57 didactic credits plus 1 additional credit per semester for dissertation work until completed.

Curriculum effective for PhD cohorts entering: Fall 2019, Fall 2020

Current students refer to STAR for their individualized curriculum pathway.

Approved by committee: Spring 2019

Page updated: March 31, 2020

Opportunities for Additional In Depth Learning

Each student enrolled in the Nursing PhD program has the opportunity to complete coursework in a specialized area of research or scholarship that leads to a specialization graduate certificate. Such certificates are offered by several of the Schools at the University and do require an application. In all instances, the required foundational course requirements for the PhD in nursing degree must be met. The Nursing PhD student wishing to pursue a certificate works with their advisor to identify which certificate courses are suitable for fulfilling the Nursing PhD program foundational course requirements. Completion of a specialty certificate is optional.

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