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For All Nursing Students

Some nursing courses will require students to take exams on their own laptops. The school uses a product called Examplify by ExamSoft to administer computer-based testing. Students will be notified by their teachers if they need to use Examplify to take an exam.

Using the Examplify App to Take An Exam on your Laptop

Students will be required to download the software called Examplify by ExamSoft. Using this app, students will be able to download exams to take on exam day. Students will be required to download the exam prior to coming to class on the day of the exam. The exam will only work on laptops, not smartphones, iPads, tablets, or chromebooks. Review the following information regarding ExamSoft before your exam day. For questions, contact the UH Manoa Nursing Multimedia and Instructional Design Team at

How to Use Examplify

Video Quick Jump

  • Registering: :17
  • Dashboard & Downloading an exam: 1:02
  • Starting an exam: 1:37
  • Taking an exam: 2:23
  • Secure Review: 8:35
  • Reverse download: 9:39

System Requirements

Download Examplify

Follow these instructions to download Examplify.

Install and Register Examplify

Follow these instructions to install and register Examplify. Use Institution ID: hawaiinursing.

Downloading an Exam

Use these instructions to learn how to download an exam.

Best Practices for Exam Takers

Read about best practices for exam takers.

How to Disable your Antivirus software

Learn how to disable your antivirus software.

Accessing the Student Portal

Use Firefox or Chrome browsers to access the UH Manoa Nursing Student Portal.

Viewing posted grades in the Student Portal

Learn how to view posted grades.

Exploring Your Performance Between Courses

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