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A long-standing nursing tradition is the “pinning” of new nursing graduates to welcome them to the nursing profession. Merging this tradition with the local tradition of giving a lei during times of celebration, an alumni pin is affixed to a ribbon lei provided by the School, that is presented to each graduate during the ceremony.

Presenters / Pinners

A long-standing tradition is that each student is able to invite two individuals of their choice to participate in Recognition Ceremony. These two individuals will be guided on stage to present each graduate with a ribbon lei provided by the School, affixed with a UHM Nursing alumni pin. Students will have their photo taken with their presenters on stage that will be available for purchase following Recognition Ceremony.

Special Nursing Pin

Graduates who wish to purchase a special nursing pin may do so through JH Recognition. Costs range depending on the style and materials of the pin. Students are responsible for the ordering and purchasing of these pins by March for Spring Recognition.

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