Student Nurses’ Association Holds First Annual Graduation Cord Ceremony

On Monday, November 28, 2016, the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) at University of Hawai’i at Manoa held its first annual Graduation Cord Ceremony in Webster Hall 205, where faculty and students gathered to honor the recipients. This year, 11 students received SNA Leadership Membership Cords to recognize their dedication in serving the UHM nursing student body, the community, and the nursing profession through their commitment to the SNA. Dr. Clementina Ceria-Ulep, Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Gary Glauberman, SNA Faculty Advisor, and Melissa Henry, SNA President, presented the students with the cords.

2016 Graduation Cord Ceremony group photo

The ceremony recognized the following senior nursing students for their achievements:

  • Ashley Bell
  • Dina Benz
  • Keli Brown
  • Hannah Campbell
  • Sheila Doucette
  • Shannon Libed
  • Ashley Pascual
  • Kristye Perez
  • Anne Rondero
  • Brittney Shinsato
  • Garret Venema

These students have held various leadership positions in the SNA throughout their years in the nursing program. Their substantial contributions to the SNA at UHM Chapter served as the impetus to begin this new SNA Graduation Cord Ceremony tradition.

The current SHA board congratulates the graduating nursing students and thanks them for their service and commitment. For more information about the Student Nurses Association, visit or email

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