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March 2014



Buzz is running the halls of Webster!  That’s right, he’s been looking for faculty interested in talking about how they can implement best practices in their use of technology with teaching.  You may have seen Buzz in one of the two episodes where he works with Ms Rachel to help her create an official DON syllabus or learns how to use narrated presentations in Laulima.
Do you have a topic you’d like to discuss with Buzz?  Let him know by emailing the NAWSON Multimedia and Instructional Design Team at

Stay tuned for Episode 3 where Buzz saves the day for Dr. Alice Tse!


The technology in the student lounge in Webster 206 has been upgraded. Brand new computers with improved hardware have been installed. Along with the computer upgrades the tables were also replaced with new longer tables that allow for more space between each workstation. The tables are designed for computer usage and are a huge improvement from the previous tables that were being used. The computer area was also cleaned and the cables are now managed using the mounts provided for by the table which resulted in fewer cables on the ground.

If you have any questions about the student lounge technology, please contact NAWSON Information Systems at 956-0981 or by email at


Some of you may have seen a red “HELP” button icon appear on the desktop of your computer.  This is a new support feature we are using to further improve the technology support experience for faculty and staff. This feature uses TeamViewer which is a software package for remote control and desktop sharing between computers.

TeamViewer allows IT support staff to see (only with permission/approval) your desktop while trying to resolve the issue. For instance, when someone calls in for phone support TeamViewer allows us to see your desktop and use your mouse to click through and try and resolve the issue. Again this only happens when you (the client) grant us access, we can NOT access your computer without your permission.  Permission is granted with an on-screen “allow” button.

With the use of this feature, it not only makes it a lot easier for us to troubleshoot computers, it also makes it easier for our clients as we can control their computer and not have to dictate each instruction and ask what they see on their screen.

We still enjoy visiting your office to provide technology support. This is just an alternative method we can use when the fix is quick and can be done over the phone.

If you have any questions please contact NAWSON Information Systems at 956-0981 or by email at

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