10th Graders at Mililani High School Receive Hands-On CPR/AED Training

In April 2024, Hawaii Keiki: Healthy & Ready to Learn Nurses in the Lehua-Mililani-Wahiawa Complex Area were proud to support the Hawaii Heart Foundation and the Hawaii State
Department of Education in providing hands-on CPR/AED training to 10th graders at Mililani High School. This new pilot program is the first of its kind and provides Hawaii public schools students with life-saving training.

HIDOE leadership attend a pilot CPR and AED training at a high school

Pamela Foster, President CEO of the Hawaii AED Institute provided the mannequins, AED
machines, and hands-on training alongside Dr. Elizabeth “Libby” Char, former Hawaii Department of Health Director. During the training, student learned the live-saving measures CPR/AED training can provide as well a new CPR acronym to follow: Call, Push and Respond.

After the initial presentation, students were then given the opportunity to practice performing CPR/AED hands- on skills with their peers using the mannequins and AED equipment. Hawaii Keiki nurses provided guidance to the students to ensure that the CPR/AED skills were being performed properly. After the training, all students were given a CPR/AED training card to acknowledge their participation.

Together with the support of Hawaii Keiki Nurses, three classes of Mililani High School 10th grade students received CPR/AED training in the pilot launch. The training was also attended by Superintendent Keith T. Hayashi, Deputy Superintendent Curt T. Otaguro, and Senator Michelle Kidani, who also got down on all fours to practice these life-saving skills! Hawaii Keiki will continue to support the Hawaii Heart Foundation with this initiative as the program’s goal is to provide this training to more public schools 10th graders in the near future.
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