The Center is an 8,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art simulation facility designed and equipped in partnership with Hawaii’s major healthcare systems and includes an emergency/trauma bay; labor and delivery room; adult intensive care rooms; pediatric and neonatal intensive care areas; ambulatory care rooms; and an apartment for home care. Three additional rooms can be reconfigured to replicate patient/family conference rooms or outpatient offices. The ten bed unit with mid-fidelity manikins has bedside electronic health records and computerized medication dispensing units for skill training. To simulate an ambulatory setting, there are three standard examination rooms.

To optimize the simulation experience, there are five control rooms and four debriefing rooms with integrated, comprehensive IT and AV systems capable of live-streaming to sites in the Center, state, and globally. The multi-media room has a large video wall which is used for classroom activities and to set the stage for disasters and emergency simulations. Telehealth is an area of focus for the Center and Telepresence robots allow students to consult and collaborate with a team using distance/telehealth technology.

The Center has office space for administrative and operational staff, a reception area, storage space, computer server/storage space, restrooms and a kitchenette. There is direct elevator and stair access to the Center. For security purposes, the facility is under 24-hour video surveillance.


The Center offers simulation modalities to meet a wide range of learner needs and program objectives. The modalities include:

  1. Role playing/table top activities
  2. Gaming technology
  3. Task trainers/static manikins
  4. Computer-based/haptic simulators
  5. Mid-fidelity manikins
  6. High-fidelity manikins include: Sim Man 3G manikins, Noelle birthing manikin, Lucina birthing manikin, Pediatric HAL- 5 and 1 year old, Newborn HAL and Premie HAL, Sim Baby, and SimNewB Advanced. Other manikins include Nursing Kelly with VITALSIM, Mega Code Kid, Harvey Cardiopulmonary Simulator, and Chester Chest.
  7. Telehealth equipment – with peripheral devices
  8. Online distance simulation – with video teleconferencing modalities and virtual environments
  9. Advanced technical skill training – task trainers and ultrasound training equipment
  10. HealthCAST – a Simulated Patient Program (actors)
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