Four Nursing Honors Students Presentations at the 2015 Undergraduate Showcase

On May 8, 2015, Brenda Duong, Yun-Wen Betty Fletcher, Zoeann Goya, and Chloe Yester presented their nursing honors projects alongside 148 other UH Manoa undergraduate students. Honors student projects were placed into four categories: natural sciences, arts & humanities, engineering & computer sciences, and social sciences. Oral presentations were 15-minute sessions where students presented their research and findings. Poster presentations were held at Campus Center Ballrooms where judges scored their posters. Nursing student projects were as follows:

Brenda Duong presents her poster
Brenda Duong
A Qualitative Exploration of Dancing Hula for Health
(Duong received the UHM Nursing Dean’s Research Award at Spring 2015 Recognition Ceremony and Poster Presentation Honorable Mention in the Social Science category from the UH Manoa Undergraduate Honors Program.)

Yun-Wen Betty Fletcher presents poster
Yun-Wen Betty Fletcher
An Observation of Range-of-Motion Exercises Undertaken by Elders while Gardening
(Fletcher received Poster Presentation Honorable Mention in the Natural Science category from the UH Manoa Undergraduate Honors Program.)

Zoeann Goya presents poster
Zoeann Goya
Documenting the Nursing Process: A Community Based Participative Research Study

Chloe Yester presents poster
Chloe Yester
Examining Student Perspectives of Learning Effectiveness in High Fidelity Simulation

Dr. Estelle Codier, UH Manoa Nursing associate professor and director of the Nursing Honors Program, served as faculty advisor to Fletcher, Goya and Yester. Dr. Alice Tse, UH Manoa Nursing associate professor was the faculty advisor for Duong. At the Spring 2015 Nursing Recognition Ceremony, Duong received the Dean’s Research Award for her project.

On Thursday, June 4, 2015, the UH Manoa Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program announced that Yun-Wen Betty Fletcher received honoral mention for her Natural Science poster presentation and Brenda Duong received honorable mention for her Social Sciences poster presentation.

For more information about the UH Manoa Nursing honors program, contact Dr. Estelle Codier at

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