The UH Manoa Nursing bachelor’s curriculum meets the requirements of the Hawaii Board of Nursing to obtain a Hawaii RN license. If you are considering obtaining licensing in another state, contact that website or check their state board for specific educational requirements.

Year 1
34 Credits
17 credits
*PHYL 141 Human Anatomy & Physiology (DB) (3)
*PHYL 141L Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab (DY)  (1)
PSY 100 Survey of Psychology (DS) (3)
Quantitative Reasoning Course (FS/FQ) (3)
Written Communication Course (FW) (3)
*MICR 130 General Microbiology (DB) (3) (lab not required)
*NURS 200 Intro to Professional Nursing #1 (1)
17 credits
**PHYL 142 Human Anatomy & Physiology (DB) (3)
**PHYL 142L Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab (DY) (1)
HDFS 230 Human Development (DS) (3)
Global & Multicultural Perspectives Course (FG) (3)
Arts, Humanities, Literature Course (DA) (3) (choose one): COMG 151 or COMG 251
Physical Science Course (DP) (3) (choose one): CHEM 151, CHEM 152, CHEM 161, CHEM 162, BIOC 141, BIOC 241 (UHCCs only), 244, BIOC 341
**NURS 201 Intro to Professional Nursing #2 (1)
Year 2
27 Credits
12 credits
NURS 210 Health Promotion Across the Life Span (3)
NURS 210L Health Promotion Across the Life Span Lab (6)
NURS 212 Pathophysiology (3)
15 credits
NURS 220 Health and Illness I (3)
NURS 220L Health and Illness I Lab (6)
Nutrition Course (DB) (3) (choose one): FSHN 185 or FSHN 475
NURS 213 Pharmacology (3)
Year 3
31 Credits
16 credits
NURS 321 Women, Newborn, and Family Health (2)
NURS 321L Women, Newborn, and Family Health Lab (3)
NURS 322 Child and Family Health (2)
NURS 322L Child and Family Health Lab (W) (3)
Statistics Course (3) (choose one): NURS 306, MATH 115 (UHCCs only), PSY 225, SOCS 225, NREM 310, ECON 321, PH 350, EDEP 429
Global & Multicultural Perspectives Course (FG) (3)
15 credits
NURS 360 Health and Illness III (3)
NURS 360L Health and Illness III Lab (6)
NURS 363 Introduction to Nursing Research (E) (3)
Arts, Humanities, or Literature Course (DH or DL) (3)
Year 4
28 Credits
16 credits
NURS 450 Community, Public, & Global Health Nursing (2)
NURS 450L Community, Public, & Global Health Nursing Lab (O, W) (3)
NURS 465 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (2)
NURS 465L Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Lab (3)
NURS 452 Cultural Aspects of Health Management in Populations Indigenous to Hawaii, Pacific & Asia (H) (3)
NURS 453 Introduction to Genetics and Genomics in Nursing Practice (3)
12 credits
NURS 460 Complex Nursing and Leadership (4)
NURS 460L Complex Nursing and Leadership Lab (W) (6)
NURS 461 Advanced Pathophysiology (2)

* Courses must be completed in Fall semester of Year 1

** Courses must be completed in Spring semester of Year 1

2023-2024 Bachelor Degree Program Sheets and Sample Four Year Academic Plan

Note: These documents are advising tools for students on their academic journey. It is the student’s responsibility to meet regularly with their academic advisor(s) to ensure proper progress and to confirm their academic requirements.

UHM 2023-2024 General Catalog: Undergraduate General Education and UH Manoa Special Graduation Requirements

UHM 2023-2024 General Catalog: General Education Designations

Note: Consult your college advisor for a list of updated General Education courses. Additional courses may have been approved after the publication of Catalog.

The Nursing program specifies which courses nursing students must take to fulfill the Core requirements or to fulfill lower division college requirements. Students should consult with their advisor prior to selecting courses.

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