Sigma Theta Tau International Spring 2023

Written by: Frankie Hale

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) is a nursing honor society founded in 1922 and consists of more than 135,000 active members across more than 90 countries whose mission is to “support the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide.” From its inception, STTI has valued excellence and scholarship; it was the first U.S. organization to fund nursing research.

Sigma Theta Tau International consists of more than 500 chapters. The Hawaii chapter, Gamma Psi-At-Large Chapter (The Chapter), held its first induction ceremony in April 1992 and continues with this tradition.

The following list consists of all University of Hawaii at Manoa inductees:

Spring 2023 (38)

  • Abigail Saraiah Abuluyan Alcaraz
  • Eden Au
  • Charize Balignasay
  • Sarah Marie Barrientos
  • Angelica Jacob Barroga
  • Sophia Kathryn Cendro
  • Aja Makalapua Keiko Correa
  • Anna Marie Michiko Correa
  • Ashley Davis
  • Theresa Ann Dao-Nakamatsu
  • Jennifer De Jesús
  • Andrei Luis Ereno
  • Kathleen Hollins
  • Danielle Ikeda
  • Marissa Haruko Iwahashi
  • Charnelle Basilio Julian
  • Elizabeth Eseul Kang
  • Kristi Koplin
  • Robert Eric Lange
  • Louis Leveni Langi
  • Rochelle Anne Gonzales Lopez
  • Kyra Anne Juan Martinez
  • Kelson K. Oshiro
  • Erwin Torre Padigos
  • Cherry-Anne G Parubrub
  • Chrissie Pimentel
  • Brooke Michi Protacio
  • Melanie Calpito Rabago
  • Ericka Ronduen
  • John Hirokazu Sasaki
  • Erica Sudimak
  • Kahaili Leslie Tovey
  • Julia Kaimana Tsuzaki
  • Montana Rae Leialoha Keaunui Vaught
  • Keoni Williams
  • Ann V Yang
  • Melanie Yang
  • Melanie Yuen
  • Katarina Elizabeth Zierke

In Spring 2023, Dean Clementina Ceria-Ulep and the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Taskforce (Dr. Alice Tse, Department Chair; Dr. Katherine Finn Davis, Specialist & Director for Community Partnerships; Dr. Gary Glauberman, UHM Vice President of Gamma Psi-At-Large Chapter; Dr. K. Uilani Chow-Rule UHM Faculty, Dr. Michele Bray UHM Faculty, Dr. Deborah Mattheus UHM Faculty, and Miss. Mikiala Maynard and Miss. Brittney Kawahara (Student Representatives) supported The Chapter’s counselor immensely during the induction process.

Sigma spring 2023 induction event

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, offers many opportunities to enhance the membership experience via its vast resources (e.g., online books, career tools, educational opportunities, leadership development, and periodicals). In addition, with its grant-offering partners, it supplies more than $200,000 annually for conducting nursing research.

If you are interested in learning more about Sigma Theta Tau, how to become a member or how to make the most out of your membership, please get in touch with the UHM counselor, Dr. Frankie B. Hale, at

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