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March 2015

What is AirPlay?  AirPlay is a technology that enables iPhones, iPads, and Mac Computers to wirelessly share their screen with other computers.  In the case of Webster 205, the technology allows you to share your screen with the projector.  You can use your iPad to give a presentation or a student can share their laptop or iPad screen to show the class a video, website, etc.  It’s an exciting technology.  Some PC’s and Androids can also use AirPlay, but they need to install special software. Apple devices already have the necessary software.  If you’d like to use this technology, please contact the MID Team at for a quick orientation.

Office 2013 is available to upgrade on your computer. There are many new features introduced with this version, some examples are:

1) Open a PDF in Word
Edit content, such as paragraphs, lists and tables, as if you created it in Word

2) Simple markup
A new revision view, Simple Markup, provides a clean, uncomplicated view of your document, but you still see indicators where tracked changes have been made.

3) The new spell checker
In addition to offering suggestions for misspelled words, the new spell checker also offers dictionary definitions for its suggestions. There is even a link you can click to have the computer to pronounce the word.

4) Smarter Charting
The interface is simpler in Excel 2013, with only the Design and Format tabs to choose from.

If you are ready to install the new Office 2013, we have a new automated way to install by following the instructions below:

To install Office 2013 on a desktop computer:

1) Log off your current account

2) Switch and log on to another account with the
User Name: setup
Ask for the password.

3) Once you have logged on, you will see this dialog window

4) Click yes to run the setup program

5) An Office install progress will pop up, e.g.

6) After it is done, you can log off from the setup account and log back on to your own user account,

You will find your Office has been upgraded.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would prefer for us to come and install. We are happy to help you with your technology needs. Contact us at 956-0981 or

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