Scholarships Help Nursing Students Achieve Goals

Lack of financial resources is the #1 reason nurses do not pursue advanced degrees. To increase the number of highly skilled, culturally competent nurses in the State of Hawaii who are poised for leadership positions, we must remove the financial barrier to their success.

Morgan Torris, a Nursing PhD student and graduate of the IKE AO PONO program, is now sharing his knowledge and experience with others by teaching graduate students at UH Manoa Nursing. He could not have reached his goals without the help of scholarship support, which allowed him to focus on his studies and devote his time to nursing.

UH Manoa Nursing is committed to transforming nursing education, science and practice through our master’s, DNP, and PhD programs.  Nurses in leadership roles are responsible for advancing patient-centered care, research driven initiatives, and health care policy.

photo of Morgan TorrisPlease help us to achieve our mission of doubling the number of nurses with doctoral degrees in Hawaii by 2020 by making a tax-deductable gift to the UH Manoa School of Nursing’s General Student Aid Fund at


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