Student Nurses’ Association at UH Manoa sends message to “Let’s Stop the Spread”

The fall 2020 semester began like no other semester in history. With a global pandemic and state shutdown, the Student Nurses’ Association at UH Manoa looked to creative ways to introduce their new 2020-21 Executive Board to the nursing student body as well as promoting “Let’s Stop the Spread.”

The Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) is an academic/professional Registered Independent Organization at UH Manoa. SNA is part of the Hawaii Student Nurses’ Association and is an official school chapter of the National Student Nurses Association. Current UH Manoa Nursing students are encouraged to join the SNA.

SNA’s goal is to provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and enhance their professional nursing identity. Members of this student-led organization participate on school committees and plan various community service, social, and scholarly activities for students. All activities carried out by the SNA uphold the six core values of the NSNA, which are Leadership and Autonomy, Quality Education, Advocacy, Professionalism, Care, and Diversity.

Visit for a full listing of this year’s executive board.

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