Summer 2015 Highlights


Dr. Kristine Qureshi, Director of Global Public Health Nursing, was invited to serve on the Global Advisory Panel on the Future of Nursing (GAPFON). This panel was convened by Sigma Theta Tau International, the honors society of nursing, to establish a voice and a vision for the future of nursing that will advance global health. The inaugural regional meeting was held on June 15-16, 2015 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in collaboration with the Korean Nurses Association. More than 50 key nurse leaders from the South East Asia/Pacific Rim region participated.

Dr. Kristine Qureshi poses for group photo

GAPFON seeks to provide evidence of the value of nursing and to participate in and influence health policy, nursing leadership and practice, education, and the global health agenda. GAPFON is sponsored by Pfizer, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. Dr. Qureshi represented nursing in the Pacific Island Region.

During the next 13 months, GAPFON will hold additional regional meetings with key stakeholder groups, including representatives from multiple sectors around the globe, to obtain knowledge and social, economic, cultural, and political insight related to issues determined at this inaugural meeting. Data from these meetings will provide the basis for an action plan with policy implications. GAPFON will analyze and prioritize key recommendations that address each of these challenges in a summary report, and will post these summary reports, along with the recommendations from subsequent regional meetings, at

For more information about GAPFON, contact Dr. Kristine Qureshi at or (808) 956-2638.



photo of DR. CODIERUniversity of Hawaii’s Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) has appointed Dr. Estelle Codier as affiliate faculty in recognition of her contributions to the work and mission of CTE. Affiliate faculty are recognized based on their exemplar contributions to the field of teaching and learning for faculty and teaching assistants over an extended period of time. They help build a climate of collegiality at the University of Hawaii at Manoa by shared expertise and knowledge with their colleagues through the professional development programs
at the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support.

Dr. Codier has completed training and mentorship programs for evaluation of UH faculty in classroom observation and class small group analysis, as well as participating as a speaker for a number of CTE events. She has worked with CTE for a number of years as a teaching evaluator and supporter of the CTE mission to maintaining an ongoing dialogue about good teaching is done through seminars, workshops, individual counseling, and course assessment offerings with individuals, departments, and colleges and schools.

CTE provides programs for professional development and assessment of teaching and learning through programs, services and publications, all contributing to the development of attitudes, values, skills, and knowledge to impact the complex processes of teaching and learning. These activities are staff and time intensive, requiring an integration of faculty participation and contribution, and in this sense, it
functions as an instructional program as much as a support program.

Dr. Codier joins UHM Nursing associate specialist Dr. John Casken as an affiliate faculty. For more information about CTE, contact Dr. Codier at



Dr. Kristine Qureshi poses for photoDr. Kristine Qureshi delivered two presentations to a global nursing audience at the International Council of Nurses Conference that was held in Seoul, South Korea from June 19-23, 2015. Her first presentation was titled, Global Health Education Through Service Learning, and during the second session she presented a talk on the ICN Leadership for Change Program in the Northern Pacific Islands: Outcomes and Lessons Learned.

This international gathering of thousands of nurses explored the importance of cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation in nursing. Key objectives of this meeting included advance and improve the coverage and quality of health services globally; demonstrate the nursing contribution to the health of individuals, families and communities and provide opportunities for an in-depth exchange of experience and expertise within and beyond the international nursing community.

Dr. Qureshi also participated in the Council of National Representatives pre-meeting, which is the ICN’s global governing body, from June 17-18, 2015. At this meeting participants identified the profession’s priorities and future directions. Nursing leaders from across the globe learned about the many opportunities and exciting endeavors that are taking place at UH Manoa Nursing.

For more information about ICN, contact Dr. Kristine Qureshi at or (808) 956-2638.

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