Baby Shower for CAE Fidelis Lucina Childbirth Simulator

Last spring, the UH Translational Health Science Simulation Center (THSSC) invited maternal newborn specialists to a baby shower held in honor of Lucina, the Center’s newest high fidelity childbirth simulator. Richard Kuschinsky of CAE Healthcare educated guests about Lucina’s functionality, realism and effectiveness in simulation learning.

Lucina the obstetrics dummy is cared for by nursing staff

THSSC partners with local healthcare agencies and brings practicing healthcare providers into the simulated learning environment for team training and skill competency. Lucina’s advanced simulation functions will allow practicing professionals and interprofessional groups to conduct high-risk complicated birthing situations ensuring mother and baby safety in real situations.

For more information about Lucina or the THSSC, contact Dr. Lorrie Wong at or (808) 956-7709.

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