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December 2014

Are you an instructor looking for a syllabus from 4 years ago? Or are you writing a grant and need up-to-date student learning outcomes? Then you’re in luck, the Intranet’s syllabus tool has it all for you. This is a cool tool that makes it easy to quickly dig through the archives to find what you need.
But did you know you can also create and store your syllabi directly in this tool? That’s right, no more searching your desktop trying to find the document. Just log into the Intranet and Click My Syllabi to see published syllabi.

Try it out for Spring 2015 if you’d like and get MID Team assistance now. We know it can be tedious at first.  So let us assist adding tables and other content. Email us at to make your appointment.

UHM Nursing Intranet


There has been some coverage in the news about the CryptoWall virus affecting computers. The NAWSON Information systems office is always prepared to combat viruses that may try and infect our systems especially our servers. The CrytoWall virus is a particualrly bad one as it essestially holds your data “hostage” for ransom. This can affect you at home or in the office so if you recieved a email with an attachment from an unknown person, it is best NOT to open or download the attachment. This is true for any potential virus. Here is an article that has more details about the CryptoWall virus.

If you recieve any suspicious email please let us know and we are happy to assist you in determinig if it is legitimate or not. Contact us at 956-0981 or

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