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“As a student, UH Manoa Nursing gave me invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities I would not have found anywhere else. We had high fidelity simulations, mock interviews with prominent hospital managers and staff, a student ambassador program, and a multitude of scholarships just to name a few. I recently joined the UH Manoa Nursing Alumni Association and enjoy working with my former teachers and being at the forefront of planning networking and fundraising events to benefit current students. I look forward to giving students the tools to their success in school and their upcoming careers.” – Perry Tsuruoka, Undergraduate Nursing, Class of 2014

Perry Tsuruoka

“Growing up on Maui truly made me appreciate the ability of small, tight knit communities to accomplish amazing things! Because of my mom’s position at a local non-profit, I was constantly exposed to projects and events that helped vulnerable populations achieve success, so I always knew helping people would be a part of my career. Coming to Oahu for nursing school has allowed me to experience new things while remaining in Hawaii! I think that The best part of my experience at UH Manoa Nursing has been the fact that from the beginning it has been extremely hands on, and throughout the semesters you get to immerse yourself in some of the main nursing specialties so that you can find out what you like best!” – Carissa Ratte, Undergraduate Nursing, Class of 2018

Carissa Ratte
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