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Our world-renowned faculty are experts in nursing and dental hygiene and our exceptional staff take pride in working at the UH Manoa Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing. They serve local, national and international communities, and take pride in educating the next generation of nurses and dental hygienists. For a full listing of the Hawaii Keiki: Healthy & Ready to Learn Program, visit their searchable database.

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Name Job Title E-mail Department
Associate Dean for ResearchAdministration
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Hawaii Interprofessional Education (HIPE) Initiativehipe@hawaii.eduTHSSC
Arucan-Masunaga, Mildred Assistant Professormarucanm@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Banquil, DonnieAdministrative Staff
Bray, Michele LaniOnline RN to BS Program Director & Assistant Professormbray@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Callahan, JamesSenior Instructional Designerjamesmc@hawaii.eduStaff
Caluya, JarrodSimulation Techniciancaluya@hawaii.eduStaff
Casken, JohnNursing Department Chair & Associate Specialistcasken@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Ceria-Ulep, ClementinaDean & The Queen's Health Systems Endowed Professorclem@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Cheung, MelanieAdministrative Officer for Nursing Departmentmmleong@hawaii.eduStaff
Chow-Rule, K. UilaniAssistant Professorchowrule@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Constantin, Carolyn Associate Professorcconsta@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Cortez, ErinInstructorencortez@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Davis, Katherine FinnCOLs Stephanie Marshall & Charles Miller Endowed Director of Community Partnerships & Specialistkfdavis@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Detor, LeslieAssociate Director for Quality and Patient Safety & Instructordetor@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Fong, Lyndon Assistant Professorlyndon2@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Fontenot, Holly B.Associate Dean for Research, Frances A. Matsuda Chair in Women's Health & Professorhbfont@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Friedman, BrendonAssistant Professorbrendonf@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Fujimoto, Patsy Research Director for Department of Dental Hygiene & Assistant Professorpatsyf@hawaii.eduAdministration
Dental Hygiene Faculty
Fukushima, JaredAssociate Director of Development Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing and Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health, University of Hawaii Foundationjared.fukushima@uhfoundation.orgStaff
Fulgencio-Arre, CorieHuman Resources Specialistmcfa@hawaii.eduStaff
Galarza, Natasha Instructorfongn@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Gazmen, Connie P.Instructor gazmen@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Glauberman, GaryOnline Advanced Population Health Nursing Program Director & Assistant Professorglauberm@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Greywolf, CynthiaAssistant Professorcynthiat@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Grills, Anna HoltFamily Nurse Practitioner Specialty Program Coordinator & Instructorannaholt@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Guerriero, Maria Instructormariacg@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Hafalia, Aeza DNP Program Coordinator & NEXus Campus Staff Coordinatoraeza@hawaii.eduOffice of Student Services
Hale, Frankie B.Assistant Professorhalef@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Hasegawa, ChloeInstructorchloehas@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Higa, Taryn Instructortarynh@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Ing, Dana Associate Director for Pediatrics and Women's Health & Instructoringdana@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Jackson, ShaneUndergraduate Program Advisorsj27@hawaii.eduOffice of Student Services
Jarman, RaymondAssociate Specialist, Master of Science and PhD Program Advisorjarmanr@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Office of Student Services
Kanehiro, ChristopherChief Administrative Officermrchris@hawaii.eduStaff
Kataoka-Yahiro, Merle Graduate Chair, Nursing Education & Leadership Program Director & Professormerle@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Koury, Merle K.Office of Student Services Director & Associate Specialistmkoury@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Office of Student Services
Kowalski, JamesAdministrative Officerjamesmk@hawaii.eduStaff
Kuo, SamResearch Coordinatorskuo@hawaii.eduStaff
Kurihara, MichaelInstructional and Student Supporttiter@hawaii.eduOffice of Student Services
Lau, Melinda Instructorlaumelin@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Lau, Gina Instructorumebayas@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Lee, EricInstructorericklee@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Lee, Kyoung EunAssociate Professorklee2023@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Lemrick, CurtisAssistant Professorclemrick@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Linhares, Carmen HeidiAssistant Professorlinharec@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Loos, Joanne R.Science Writerjoannedr@hawaii.eduStaff
Loui, ChristinePsychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Specialty Program Coordinator & Instructorchrisnm@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Lynch, TaniaInstructortlynch@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Mattheus, Deborah Nancy Atmospera-Walch Endowed Professor in School Health & Professormattheus@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Menor, Chanie L.Instructorclomibao@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Minton, NalaniIKE AO PONO Director & Assistant Specialistbminton@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Miranda, Bridget A.Instructorbmira@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Mobley, Joe (Joseph)Professorjmobley@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Monfort, LinaInstructormonfort8@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Munro, Alex HealthCAST Program Managerabmunro@hawaii.eduStaff
Nakasone, Kari Instructorksnakaso@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Napihaa, Michelle Instructormnapihaa@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Nieves, TheaAdministrative Support for Nursing Staff
Nunokawa, CourtneeInterim DNP Program Director, Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Specialty Program Coordinator & Instructorcourtnee@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
O’Brien, MaureenGraduate Entry Program in Nursing Director & Assistant Professorobrienma@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Oishi, Martin Assistant Professor & Dental Hygiene Advisoroishim@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
Osada, Kristine Dental Hygiene Program Administrator & Instructorkmsato@hawaii.eduAdministration
Dental Hygiene Faculty
Ozeki, Jonita Instructorjonita@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Ozorio Dutra, Samia ValeriaAssistant Professorsamiaval@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Palakiko, Donna-MarieAssistant Professordmp@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Perry, SushaneProgram Specialist, Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairssushane@hawaii.eduStaff
Salazar, Jennica Megan B.Undergraduate Program Advisorjmb@hawaii.eduOffice of Student Services
Sharma, RinaIT Specialistsharmar@hawaii.eduStaff
Siegman, WilliamUndergraduate Program Director & Instructorsiegman@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Sinclair, Sandra Assistant Professorsandrals@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Soares, PrincessAdministrative Operations Coordinatorpfrederi@hawaii.eduStaff
Spencer, AshleyAcademic Systems Manageraes@hawaii.eduStaff
Steward, EmilySimulation Tech-Sim Patient Specialistesteward@hawaii.eduStaff
Suetsugu, WendyDirector for Clinical Placement & Operationswendyy@hawaii.eduAdministration
Sumida, Brian Advanced Simulation Technicianbsumida@hawaii.eduStaff
Sunahara, Pam Instructor & Dental Hygiene Advisorpshimizu@hawaii.eduDental Hygiene Faculty
TenCate, AriIT Managertencate@hawaii.eduStaff
Teruya, Kimm Administrative Officer and Interprofessional Education Coordinatorkimmt@hawaii.eduStaff
Tessier, Karen Assistant Professorktessier@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Thornton, Daasha MarieGraduate Entry Program in Nursing (GEPN) Coordinatorgepn@hawaii.eduOffice of Student Services
Todoki, Susan Simulation Coordinatortodokis@hawaii.eduStaff
Tse, Alice M.PhD Program Director & Professor; Dental Hygiene Department Chairatse@hawaii.eduNursing Faculty
Uyeda, DesireeMarketing Managerdlyamamo@hawaii.eduStaff
Wada, Randal Nursing Faculty
Waiamau, ChristopherAdmissions Specialist & Pre-Nursing Advisorcwaiamau@hawaii.eduOffice of Student Services
Wong, AnnAdministrative & Fiscal Support Specialist, Department of Dental Hygieneannwong@hawaii.eduStaff
Wong, Lorrie Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & HMSA Distinguished Professorlorriew@hawaii.eduAdministration
Nursing Faculty
Dental Hygiene Clinic
Office of the Dean
UH Translational Health Science Simulation CenterTHSSC
Department of Nursing
Department of Dental Hygiene
Office of Student ServicesOffice of Student Services
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