The Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) is dedicated to a system of shared governance that brings all of the School’s constituents together with the goal of facilitating and supporting the success of the School, the achievement of educational excellence, and the freedom of thought, inquiry, and scholarly expression. The aim of shared governance is to provide a model of shared decision-making, in which the constituents engage in reciprocal relationships to forwarding the mission and vision of the school within the University system and the community.

The constituents of the school include:

  • (a) administrators;
  • (b) faculty;
  • (c) staff;
  • (d) students; and
  • (e) members of the community.

The vision of shared governance is founded on the core values of:

  • (a) trust and mutual respect;
  • (b) recognition of the interdependence of all constituents;
  • (c) open lines of communication between and among all constituents resulting in shared communication and mutual participation and collaboration; and
  • (d) transparency of operations resulting in informed and inclusive decision-making of all constituents with shared accountability.

The sharing of viewpoints between and among constituent groups who have complementary expertise and experience informs decision-making to achieve the mission and vision of the school.

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