An interdisciplinary collaboration of UH Manoa John A. Burns School of Medicine, Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing, Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health, UH Cancer Center and UH Hilo Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy.


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John A. Burns School of Medicine

Jerris R. Hedges, MD, MS, MMM
Dean and Professor
Barry and Virginia Weinman – Endowed Chair
(808) 692-0899


Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing

Clementina D. Ceria-Ulep, PhD, RN
Interim Dean and Professor
(808) 956-8522

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Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health

Tetine Sentell, PhD
Interim Dean & Professor of Public Health
(808) 956-6300

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UH Hilo Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy

Miriam A. Mobley Smith, PharmD, FASHP
Interim Dean
(808) 932-8116

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UH Cancer Center

Randall Holcombe, MD, MBA
Director and Professor
(808) 586-3013


Education & Practice

The mission of the Council of Health Sciences (CHS) is to train high-quality healthcare workers and biomedical scientists, and to contribute to the workforce, and improve the health of the people of Hawaii. CHS students and alumni are working, learning, and caring for people in our communities.

In spite of recent designation as the healthiest state in the nation, Hawaii faces many healthcare challenges. The continuing health disparities within the state, the challenges of accessing health care in both rural and urban settings, and the demand-capacity healthcare professional mismatch are action priorities.


The research efforts of the Council of Health Sciences address issues that are Hawaiian and Asian in nature, such as disparities in health outcomes and infectious pathogens found in Hawaii, other Pacific Islands and Asia. Faculty members in CHS conduct research to develop effective ways to serve the community, treat consumers, and provide health interventions, and discover knowledge in the life sciences.


The College of Health Sciences and Social Welfare at UH Manoa (CHSSW) – the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Social Work, and Office of Public Health Studies – was founded in 1966 with the goal of increasing interdisciplinary collaboration. Since that time, the schools have partnered on select research and education initiatives but have not worked together as a college unit.

A primary goal of CHS is to enhance synergies and interdisciplinary collaboration across the units while effectively stewarding state resources. In this collaborative model, each unit maintains its individual autonomy and governance with respective human and fiscal resources (and facilities), while working together to leverage resources and strengthen areas of common interest.

The CHS is actively:

  • Expanding cross school collaboration in education, research, and community service.
  • Planning for the CHS, inclusive of research, education, administrative operations, funding, and community service.
  • Providing an open forum inclusive of other university units/schools to address health and social welfare related issues and education.
  • Representing the CHS to the university administration, health care industry, and key community stakeholders.

Collectively, the members of the Council continue to educate the next generation of health care practitioners and leaders. Moving forward, the Council members remain committed to expanding partnerships with each other, our state government, and the private sector to ensure a healthy future for all the people of Hawaii.

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