NAWSON Director of Research hosts Research Brown Bags

In November 2021, Dr. Holly Fontenot, PhD, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAAN, FNAP was appointed the Research Director for the Department of Nursing. She is also the Frances A. Matsuda Chair in Women’s Health and an associate professor. Fontenot was appointed into this new position to provide stability in the school’s research endeavors until an interim or associate dean of research is appointed. In this role, Fontenot has formulated two scholarship groups and established an internal Nursing Research Brown Bag (community building/learning lunch) series designed to foster scholarly achievement of faculty and an environment in which excellence in research enhances the mission of the school, campus, and university.

The first scholarship group is a junior scholars group specifically designed to support formation and development of individual programs of research for early-career investigators. This group will meet and focus on the unique needs of tenure-track faculty.

The second scholarship group is a clinical scholars group designed to support ongoing scholarship and address the unique needs of faculty whose academic scholarship focuses on clinical/practice (Evidence Based Project/Quality Improvement) projects, research, and teaching.

The Nursing Research Brown Bag series is for all faculty members. Topics planned for this year include: team-building, grant submission processes and newly available internal review structures, and tips for success in publishing. For more information about the scholarship groups or the Brown Bag series, contact Dr. Holly Fontenot at

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