Nursing Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau, Spring and Fall Inductions

Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) is a nursing honor society founded in 1922 and consists of more than 135,000 active members across 85 countries whose mission is to “support the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide.” STTI now consists of more than 593 active members.  From its inception, STTI has valued excellence and scholarship; it was the first U.S. organization to fund nursing research.

Sigma Theta Tau International group photoThe local Hawaii chapter, Gamma Psi-At-Large Chapter inducted new members at their spring ceremony on April 25, 2015, and at their fall ceremony on December 5, 2015. UH Manoa Nursing congratulates the students who were recently inducted into STTI. Students who were able to attend took their oath as members after receiving their membership certificates and purple and white honor cords.

Dr. Estelle Codier, President of STTI and one of our very own associate professors at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, congratulated inductees. The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International offers many opportunities to enhance the membership experience via the vast resources it provides (e.g., online books, career tools, educational opportunities, leadership development, and periodicals). With its grant-offering partners, it supplies more than $200,000 annually for conducting nursing research.

If interested in learning more about Sigma Theta Tau, how to become a member or how to make the most out of your membership, please contact the chapter President, Dr. Estelle Codier at or the UHM counselor, Frankie B. Hale at

Spring 2015

Arizumi, Kristy
Au, Jessica
Bellhouse-King, Matthew
Cardoza-Maikui, Shantaye
Chen, Courtney
Chong, Amy
DeVincent, Tiffany
Dizon, Monica
Erice, Ritchel Joy
Ewen, Tonie
Garcia, Rosalie
Giorgio, Willa
Goo, Alana
Green, Cecilia Leila
Hashimoto, Jennifer
Hoang, Christina
Hunkin, Kristen
Hwang, Yiye
Ignaitis, Jessica
Imamoto, Season
Konigsberg, Yvette
Louis, Michelet
Mares, Jennifer
McCollum, Lillian
Miyashiro, Janelle
Nip, Melissa

Noguchi, Jamie
Okamura, Sharon
Quiming, Genecir Joan
Raffesberger, Jonathan
Rivera, Michelle
Robinson, Michelle
Sakamoto, Kristi
Sealy, Romey
Shiba, Kailie
Smolinski, Darcie
Soli, Faapisa
Spurrier, Jessica
Stack, Jill
Stephens, Emily
Summers, Aaron
Tagalicud, Maria Kristina Cassandra
Teeter-Balm, Eve
Transfiguracion, Mario
Vea, Melanie Anne
Velasco, Raymond
Vogts, Susan
Wang, Christina
Yang, Yeu-Tyng

Fall 2015

Bio, Criz Ann
Caldwell, Juliana
Campbell, Christine
Cicala, Deborah
Constantino, Emerson
deLeon, Aki
Elley, Tonia
Esserman, Kathleen
Fagaragan, Keisha
Fukuhar,a Andrea
Gandall-Yamomoto, Pualani
Gee, Katherine
Harada, Alissa
Holloway, Joseph
Hughes, Carol
Kubo, Leonie
Lagat-Ramos, Alyssa
Lau, Stacie
Lichota, Deborah
Lieu, Jennifer
Mohr, June
Morgan, Julie
Ramiro, Holly
Spencer, Ashlynne
Sutherland, Melissa
Takahashi, Ken
Tantay, Agnes
Waialeale, Sherrie
Williams, Amber
Yokono, Yvonne

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