Student Nurses Association Spring 2016 Highlights

New SNA Board, 2016-2017

The Student Nurses Association at UH Manoa elected its officers for the academic year 2016-2017. This student-led organization affords various opportunities for UHM nursing students to develop, build and strengthen skills needed throughout their nursing career.

The Student Nurses Association at UH Manoa group photo

Officers were elected by nursing students spanning every semester at the end of spring 2016. This year’s officers will strive to build stronger connections among students, fellow nursing professionals and alumni, and increase student involvement in community service projects and leadership. The board is comprised of students from various stages of the nursing program from 1st semester High School Direct Entry pre-nursing students to senior 6th semester students.

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SNA Spring 2016 Event Highlights

NSNA’s 64th Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida

In spring 2016, UH Manoa Nursing students attended the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) 64th Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. This year’s theme was Nursing: Where Imaginations and Journeys Meet. More than 3,000 attendees gather at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and Hawaii students were able to meet with nursing leaders and other students from across the nation.

Every morning began with an NCLEX review session that included tips and tricks to achieve success. The big take away for students was: do thousands of practice questions, and when at the exam, take your time. NSNA’s outgoing president, Ryan Bannan introduced two renowned nursing leaders to discuss nursing ethics and moral courage at a plenary session. SNA representatives learned that ethics is integrated in all areas of nursing and having moral courage means speaking up for what you believe is right, against your fears of retaliation or criticism. It has been found that nurses who do not speak up for what they feel is right suffer inner psychological and physiologic turmoil.

The local State chapter of NSNA, Hawaii Student Nurses’ Association (HISNA) is comprised of Hawaii student nurses from all local colleges with nursing programs. At this conference, HISNA passed the first resolution from Hawaii. The resolution is titled: In Support of Extending New Graduate Residency Programs to Include Community Based and Outpatient FacilitiesThe resolution was adopted by the House of Delegates for NSNA and is now nationally recognized.

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SNA Icebreaker with Tokyo Healthcare University

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) collaborated with the UH Translational Health Science Simulation Center (THSSC) to engage in a cultural exchange activity with Japanese students from Tokyo Healthcare University. Six UHM Nursing students from the 5th and 6th semesters worked together with thirty Japanese students majoring in nursing, health informatics, and nutrition. SNA students facilitated an icebreaker activity that involved teams of six students and the goal was to work together to build different formations out of cups using a rubber band and string.

After the icebreaker activity, the students came together to debrief about lessons learned and healthcare implications. These lessons include the importance of leadership, practice, having a good foundation, communication, situational awareness, and creativity in solving problems. This icebreaker was also an excellent opportunity for Japanese and American healthcare students to interact and share their cultures with each other. SNA would like to thank director of the THSSC Dr. Lorrie Wong, THSSC staff, and Tokyo Healthcare University for their support in the success of this program. With the growing importance of international cooperation, SNA is looking forward to more such opportunities in the future.

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