“When I entered the GEPN program, I had two small children and many family obligations. Going back to school in a full-time, accelerated program after being out in the working world was daunting to say the least. The program was intense, but I am so glad that I did it. The teachers are amazing — whether in the classroom or in the clinic, they work hard to support their students. The GEPN program gave me the opportunity to learn the art and science of nursing under skilled, knowledgeable, and caring mentors. Hawaii has great need for primary care providers, and becoming a family nurse practitioner will allow me to help address that need, as well as support my family. I am so grateful to UH for offering this program!” – Karen Rowan, MS, RN, GEPN Cohort 10, DNP-FNP, Class of 2021

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“The GEPN program comprehensively and fully prepared me to take the NCLEX-RN exam. I felt confident and prepared for this licensure exam because of the in-person exam preparation review, access to question banks, and additional resources from the school. 100% of my original cohort passed the test on the first try! After completing the GEPN program and becoming an RN, we moved into our advanced nursing degree track. Some of my classmates got jobs in RN roles while going to school, while myself and others opted for tuition waivers working as graduate research assistants with various departments at UH. The ideals, professionalism, and collegiate atmosphere fostered between students during GEPN trained us to be knowledgeable, compassionate, hardworking, flexible and collaborative health care professionals. I truly feel like the GEPN program allowed me to enter the nursing profession with a strong foundation to build on as I further my studies.” – Michelle Quensell, MPH, BA, RN, GEPN Cohort 10, DNP-FNP, Class of 2021

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“The GEPN program was the perfect opportunity for me to move back to Hawaii and pursue a nursing degree. Although the program was extremely rigorous, it enabled me to gain professional and clinical skills that I will use for the rest of my career. Through coursework, simulations, and clinical experiences I was exposed to a variety of scenarios that challenged me to think critically and develop my nursing skill set. The program also fostered a sense of community among my cohort and encouraged genuine connections with my peers and colleagues. I was able to take advantage of the opportunities the school provided to network with local healthcare organizations. Ultimately, the experience allowed me to become a professional registered nurse and prepared me to tackle an advanced degree program to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse practitioner.” – Kal Peterman, BS, RN, GEPN Cohort 10, DNP-AGPCNP, Class of 2021

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