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Notice 12/12/2021
The UH Manoa Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing received an unprecedented number of qualified applications for the class entering in August 2022. We are continuing to review prospective students with completed applications submitted to the UH Graduate Division and Nursing CAS. However, we are unable to accept any additional applications for the August 2022 class.

Year 1
49 Credits
18 credits
NURS 501 Professionalism in Nursing (2)
NURS 502 Pathophysiology (3)
NURS 503 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 504 Health Assessment (2)
NURS 504L Health Assessment Lab (2)
NURS 505 Foundations of Nursing Science (2)
NURS 505L Foundations of Nursing Science Practice Lab (4)
16 credits
NURS 507 Bio-behavioral Health (2)
NURS 507L Bio-behavioral Health Lab (2)
NURS 513 Acute Care Nursing (4)
NURS 513L Acute Care Nursing Lab (6)
NURS 518 Introduction to Community and Public Health Nursing (2)
15 credits
NURS 508 Nursing Care of Childbearing Families (2)
NURS 508L Nursing Care of Childbearing Families Lab (2)
NURS 509 Nursing Care of Children & Families (2)
NURS 509L Nursing Care of Children & Families Lab (2)
NURS 517 Clinical Immersion to Nursing Practice (3)
NURS 517L Clinical Immersion to Nursing Practice Lab (4)
Year 2

Students begin studies in their chosen degree and specialty.

Total Number of Credits: 49 credits

Curriculum effective for cohorts entering: Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

Current students refer to STAR for their individualized curriculum pathway.

Page updated: May 25, 2022

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