Let’s Get eERie

The Student Nurses’ Association at UHM hosted the “Let’s Get eERie” educational event on October 28th, 2019 from 1700-1800 in Webster Hall Room 203. The event was immediately followed by a SNA Mentor-Mentee Program social. This event aimed to give nursing students insight into emergency room nursing, a specialty that they may not get much exposure to in nursing school.

sna with guest speaker

The guest speaker for the evening was Ricky Arrington, an experienced ER nurse who completed the Executive RN to BSN program. During his presentation, Ricky spoke about his experience working in the emergency department, offered tips he had for students considering a job as an ER nurse, and answered audience questions about ER nursing.

halloween 2019 sna event

After Arrington’s presentation, attendees mingled over refreshments and participated in fun activities such as a Halloween costume contest, a photo booth and a mummy dance-off game during the Mentor-Mentee social.

costume contest sna 2019

In total, 49 UHM nursing students from all cohorts attended the event. Participants noted in their evaluations that the guest speaker was very knowledgeable and that his presentation was interesting, entertaining, and informative. It was wonderful that SNA was able to provide students with this opportunity to meet a seasoned emergency room nurse and facilitate bonding between cohorts through this event.

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