UH Manoa Nursing welcomes Hawaii licensed APRNs, MDs, DOs, and PAs who are State of Hawaii residents that practice primary care in Hawaii to serve as clinical preceptors for primary care family and adult/gerontology NP students. This volunteer position does not receive monetary compensation.

What are the benefits of being a preceptor?

A preceptor shares best practices and clinical wisdom with the next generation of clinicians.

As a preceptor, you may:

  • be eligible for the Hawaii Preceptor Tax Credit
    • $1,000 for at least 80 hours of precepting, up to a max of $5,000
  • become an clinical faculty member with UH Manoa Nursing
  • stay current with knowledge and best practices in education
  • develop your clinical teaching skills
  • facilitate recruitment and hiring of APRNs for your organization
  • contribute to the nursing profession by teaching
  • connect with the next generation of clinicians and with UH Manoa Nursing

What is expected of preceptors?

UH Manoa Nursing expects each preceptor to complete the free online course covering the role, responsibilities, and techniques for guiding clinical learning in a supportive non-threatening manner.

The preceptor guides student learning in the clinical setting and partners with the UH Manoa faculty to ensure student learning. Preceptors provide input to the faculty member related to the student’s clinical skill development and the faculty is responsible for the evaluation of student performance. The faculty conducts 3 site visits during the rotation and is available to the preceptor and student, as needed. The preceptor participates in the mid-term and final assessment meeting with the student and faculty.

At the end of the semester, the preceptor completes a brief evaluation of their precepting experience to provide their input related to the experience of being a preceptor.

How to Apply

Contact Wendy Suetsugu if you would like to request more information about becoming a preceptor.

Picture of Wendy Suetsugu, JD, MSN, RN
Wendy Suetsugu, JD, MSN, RN
Director for Clinical Placement & Operations

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing
2528 McCarthy Mall, Webster Hall 402
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-5179
Fax: (808) 956-3257

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