Simulation & Event Updates for Spring 2019

In 2018, 1,138 students from 12 different professions attended 69 interprofessional education simulation sessions at the UH Translational Health Science Simulation Center.

TELIPoRT Simulation

double robotIn February 2019, the UH Translational Health Science Simulation Center (THSSC) held a two pilot simulations called TELIPoRT, which included University of Hawaii Hilo pharmacy students and UHM nursing students. Pharmacy students were represented in the simulation by a Double Robot, a rolling device with a stand and an iPad that can be used to achieve telepresence. Nursing students and pharmacy students collaborated using the Double Robot, working together in different patient scenarios.

The Geriatrics Inter-Professional Panel (GIPP)

The Geriatrics Inter-Professional Panel (GIPP) event was held on February 15, 2019, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Campus Center Ballroom. GIPP brought together students from various disciplines such as nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dental hygiene, dietetics, speech-language pathology, social work and public health. These disciplines worked together to determine how to care for patients through a case that was presented at the event. GIPP had a panel comprising representatives from each discipline that spoke about their role in geriatrics care.

For more information about UH THSSC, contact Lorrie Wong, THSSC director.

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