Presented on August 15, 2016

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Vision

  • To be the leader in nursing and dental hygiene education and research in Hawaii with outreach to Asia and the Pacific Basin

Fall 2016 Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Student Enrollment

Level & Field of Study Degree Pathway Incoming Continuing Total Enrollment
Dental Hygiene Undergraduate  Dental Hygiene BS  20  39  59
Nursing Undergraduate High School Direct (Pre-Yr) 21 included below 21
BS (Manoa) 31 147 178
Upper Div Consortium 46 2 48
RN to BS 3 1 4
Exec RN to BS 39 0 39
Nursing NS Total 140 150 290
Undergraduate Total 160 189 349
Nursing Graduate GEPN (Pre-license) 50 1 51
Master’s 6 84 90
DNP (Specialty) 2 39 41
DNP (Post-Master’s) 2 8 10
PhD 0 35 35
Graduate Total 60 167 227
Total Enrollment All Programs 220 356 576

Nancy Atmospera-Walch School of Nursing (NAWSON) Degrees Awarded: 2015–2016

  • 21 Bachelor Degrees -Dental Hygiene
  • 163 Bachelor Degrees –Nursing
  • 70 Master’s Degrees
  • 2 Post Master Certificates in Nursing
  • 8 DNP Degrees
  • 5 PhD Degrees
  • 52 GEPN Pre-license Certificates

On-Time Graduation Rates: 2015

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS DH: 90%
  • BS Nursing (Traditional): 85%
  • BS Nursing (RN to BS): 91%

Graduate Programs

  • GEPN: 85%
  • MS: 74%
  • DNP: 30%
  • PhD: data pending

Note: GEPN rate is of graduate degree award (not pre-licensure certificate)

Licensure & Certification Rates

Board Pass Rates: 1st Time Test Takers

  • 2016 Dental Hygiene
    • 95% NBDHE
    • 95% Central Regional Dental Testing Service
  • 2015 Nursing
    • 90% NCLEX-RN (BS)
    • 81% NCLEX-RN (GEPN)

Nursing Certification Rates: Overall

  • 2015 AANPCP Exam
    • 93% FNP
    • 100% AGNP
  • 2015 ANCC Exam
    • 50% FNP
    • 71% AGPCNP
    • 66% AHCNS

National Rankings: U.S. News & World Report

  • Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs
    • #60 out of 149 ranked schools
  • Best Graduate Nursing Schools
    • #83 out of 246

Highlights: Nursing Program

  • Successful accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation; approval with reporting requirements
  • All faculty participated in professional development on backward curriculum design and the use of new instructional technologies
  • Faculty reviewed and updated curriculum to include emerging care models
  • NCLEX Taskforce reviewed and recommended revision to the test plan effective August 2016
  • Revised NURS 517 to facilitate NCLEX preparation
  • Began implementation of revised graduate curriculum and pathways
  • Offered professional development offerings in technology tools for faculty and staff
  • Ongoing academic progression for AD RN to BS enrollment from Kapiolani CC, Kauai CC, & Maui College
  • Implementing innovative strategies to enhance APHN education and practice supported by HRSA
  • Veterans to BS Nursing Program continues support for student recruitment and progression

Highlights: Dental Hygiene Program

  • Successful accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation; approval with reporting requirements
  • All faculty participated in professional development on backward curriculum design and the use of new instructional technologies
  • Assessed and modified classroom activities and methodologies following professional development
  • Penny Ching and Kris Osada attended Ultrasonic Teaching Institute in Pennsylvania, July 2016
  • Developed high school direct entry program; admission in 2016-17
  • DDH Clinic was host site for the 2016 State of Hawaii Approved Licensing Exam (CRDTS)
  • Re-examining dental hygiene relocation to UH West Oahu

Highlights: IKE AO PONO

  • 349 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NH/PI) nurses have graduated since 2003
  • Increase from 3% to 18% in the number of NH/PI nurses enrolling and graduating from UHM Nursing

Highlights: Extramural Funding

  • $1,800,551 Extramural Funding in FY 16 (ORS Report)
    • $335,591 research
    • $1,464,960 non-research

Highlights: Research

  • Expanded presence of UHM faculty scholarship in international venues through scholarly presentations and publications
  • Initiated research in the international setting

Highlights: Global Health Nursing

  • Expanded participation in study abroad for undergraduate students
  • Continued use of Global Connect for CHN global education
  • Summer 2015 engagement in Pacific Partnership

Highlights: Interprofessional Collaboration

  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) Workgroup collaboration in academic initiatives
    • UHM Nursing, John A. Burns School of Medicine, Office of Public Health Studies, Myron B. Thompson, School of Social Work, Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy
  • Initiated 3 interprofessional education projects with cultural components
    • Simulation for Emergency Response (various cultures)
    • IPE Team Collaboration (Samoan)
    • End of Life Communication in Intensive Care Unit (Asian, Caucasian)

Highlights: UH THSSC

  • Increased use by partners and community
  • Increased training for international universities in collaboration with Global Health
  • Hosted the largest international delegation for the Seitoku University Cultural Exchange
  • Facilitated interprofessional education
  • Acquired HoloLens (mixed reality head-mounted display smart glasses)

Highlights: Engaged University

  • 2017 Exemplary Academic-Practice Partnership Award by AACN recognized the UHM Nursing & QMC Research partnership
  • Expanded service learning experiences
  • Linkages and expertise via IKE AO PONO and the Native Hawaiian Health Initiative
  • Monitored strategies to promote workforce diversity – Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders and Veterans
  • Services and scholarship support to underrepresented students
  • $956,352 in gifts for FY16 (UHF Report)
  • Enhanced the number of showcased accomplishments of alumni and students
  • Held UH Manoa Nursing Sensational 60th Anniversary Gala
    • Inducted 6 Hall of Fame Alumni
    • Recognized 54 Outstanding Alumni
  • Expanded mentorship opportunities among students and between students and alumni
  • Monitored and promoted opportunities to students that may lead to employment
  • Memorandum of Agreement with UCERA aka University Health Partners
  • Hawaii Keiki partnership between UH Manoa Nursing & DOE with UCERA
    • Nurse led clinics and school health nursing services in DOE schools in underserved communities statewide
    • APRNs and RNs
    • Plans to begin billing for services
    • Provide BS and DNP nursing student clinical experiences

Managing Resources

  • Manage resources to address the continuing fiscal challenge
  • Implement identified strategies to increase revenue and minimize cost while maintaining quality instructional programs
  • Engage with UHM campus as it moves from a historical budget allocation methodology to new budgetary allocation models
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